Dual Benefits

Dual captures a wider range of sounds than any other traditional devices on the market - particularly in the high frequencies. Speech will sound clearer and music far richer. You’ll also have a much better idea of where you are in relation to people and objects in your environment.

With Spatial Sound you can:

  • enjoy dining out in busy restaurants
  • communicate clearly and with confidence at meetings
  • instinctively look the right way if a car is approaching from behind or someone starts to speak

Experience Spatial Sound

It’s not about being old - it’s about being smart
Dual has a smart optional accessory called the Streamer, which helps you make the most of today’s technologies. It picks up the sound from your cell phone, TV, radio, mp3 player or PC, and sends it straight into both ears.

With the Oticon Streamer you can:

  • communicate with ease on your mobile phone
  • watch TV at a level the whole family can enjoy
  • switch from listening to music to answering a phone call
  • remote control volume and programs

Read more about the Oticon Streamer

There is a Dual just for you
From size and colour to performance, accessories and settings, a pair of Duals can be completely customized to fit your personal preferences and level of experience with hearing devices. Among the benefits are:

  • a great design that’s almost invisible behind the ear
  • lots of trendy colours to match your hair or skin tone

See all the fashionable Dual Colours

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