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The Business Circle | empowering your business to meet the changing needs of the modern consumer.

The Business Circle is a strategic alliance that exists to empower professionals like you to deliver increased value to your clients in the hearing care market. We’ll provide you with the strongest and most complete hearing care solution to support every aspect of your business.

With the power of the Business Circle behind you, you’ll have access to the most efficient support to improve business processes and the most comprehensive training to build and enhance skills, so you can focus on pursuing higher value opportunities and growing your business beyond your expectations.

Oticon | People First

Our business is empowering people to participate actively in life. In order for them to do that, their specific needs must be met. To ensure we meet their exact needs, we’ve invited people to share with us the daily challenges they face. Every decision we make is based on those insights. This is what People First is all about.

The Business Circle | adding value to your practice in a changing market

The Business Circle is designed to help you optimise the service you provide because at the end of the day, we share the same goal: to empower people to communicate freely, interact naturally and live full, active lives.
A “partnership” with the Business Circle means you continue to work independently while receiving the support of a powerful ally. The aim of the Business Circle is to add indispensable, insight-based value to your business as a hearing care professional, so you in turn can do the same for your clients in a way that no other hearing care professional can.
As the Business Circle empowers your practice, your business grows, thus expanding the Business Circle, enabling us to provide you with continuously relevant support in an ever-changing market.

The Business Circle | adding value to members both professionally and personally

Membership is voluntary, free and open to all qualified Hearing Care Professionals. Our promise to you as a Business Circle member is to keep you at the leading edge of your profession by empowering you with support and training that enhance the processes and skills you have in order to help you turn your daily challenges into opportunities.



The Business Circle |  providing you with the knowledge you need

Our first benefit to you as a member of The Business Circle is Continuing Professional Development (CPD) with skill-enhancing activities which aim to improve and broaden your knowledge while developing personal qualities you’ll find advantageous in your career as a hearing care professional.
Our complete training and education package to keep you ahead of the competition includes human resource assistance, financial and legal advice, marketing support and indispensible insights, so you can provide today’s well-informed consumer with the most knowledgeable solutions.
After years of experience in putting people first, we have proven methods of engaging with clients that guarantee they keep coming back. As a member of the Business Circle, you’ll have that knowledge at your fingertips. For example: by giving your clients the information they need, relevant to where they are in the process of change, and offering them solutions that meet and address their concerns, you’re well on your way to attracting and retaining clients.
Another example of the information you’ll gain, is how to communicate with your customers. We have countless ideas to improve the dialogue between you and your clients, as well as great offers you can implement today to keep them satisfied.

The Business Circle | growing your presence in the market

We’ll help you increase awareness of your business through B2C communication with insight-based business support, which means you’ll be speaking with your clients in a way they want to be spoken to, about what they want to hear, with solutions to the specific problems they have.

The Business Circle | adding to your bottom line

We share the same goals. Let’s reach them quicker, together.
We aim to help you reach – and exceed – your targets by providing you with the tools you need to guarantee satisfied customers. Satisfied customers are then followed by improved profits. As a member of the Business Circle, the discounts you receive mean the profits you make can be used as they should – to further improve your client’s experience.

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To offer the best solutions to your clients, you need the best encouragement, advice and resources at your disposal. Surround yourself with support from a company who shares the same goal as you do: to empower people by providing the best hearing care solutions available. With our combined expertise and experience, we have the power to create the future of hearing care, together.

Team up with The Business Circle and put the power of a leading and respected hearing care brand behind your business.

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