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  • A new member must be a qualified and practicing hearing care professional (HCP).

  • New members must be resident and practicing in South Africa.

  • New members shall be over the legal age of consent.

  • In the event of there being more than one HCP in a practice the practice shall be the de facto member although the members of the practice shall be eligible for relevant and appropriate benefits and privileges.


  • Oticon reserves the right to change or terminate the Business Circle program at any time at its sole discretion.

  • Oticon may, at its discretion, modify the Business Circle program rules, regulations, awards and benefits, or any aspect thereof, with 30 days notice; and or cancel the program in its entirety with 3 months notice to active members. This right includes but is not limited to :

  • Changes in points

  • Benefits

  • Rules pertaining to benefits

  • Oticon retains all rights to membership, program administration, rewards, earnings and issuance of points.

  • Oticon reserves the right to terminate membership for any violation of account or program terms.


  • Points within the Business Circle program do not have a cash value and may not be redeemed for cash. They exist merely to establish the relative tiering of the members and any benefits that may be associated with the various tiers in the program.

  • Points are awarded based on the recency, frequency and value of products purchased from Oticon.

  • The points within the program exist primarily to determine the level of disclosed off invoice discounts that members of the program are entitled to.

  • Opportunities may exist from time to time to earn bonus Points. The value of those Points may change at any time.

  • Points cannot be purchased and are not transferable.

  • Points will be evaluated on a quarterly basis. Should the points have increased sufficiently within the foregoing quarter such members will be promoted to a new tier within the program. Should the points have decreased within the foregoing quarter the member will be advised that he or she will be demoted to a new tier within the program unless the required points are achieved in the next quarter to maintain the status quo.

  • Members may request their points status at any time via the Oticon representative. Such requests will be responded to within 14 working days.

  • Members will be provided with points statements by no later than the last day of the month following the quarters close out. Any queries must be submitted in writing within 30 days of having received such statements.

  • It is incumbent on the members to inform Oticon of any points that have not been allocated to their account within 30 days of receiving their quarterly statement. Corrective action cannot be taken thereafter.


  • Bonus points are awarded to active members of the program who refer other HCP’s.

  • Such bonus points are only awarded once the referred audiologists has achieved the minimum points threshold to become active in the program

 BusinessCircle b-Smart Card

  • Membership in the 4Life and 4Life cash back program is linked to membership in the Business Circle program (i.e. it is a benefit that is paid for by Oticon).

  • Termination of membership in the Business Circle program will result in automatic termination of the 4Life program. Any benefits accrued at such time in the 4Life program will be immediately forfeited.

  • Acceptance and use of the 4Life card is at the members discretion.

  • Members are responsible for the settlement of their own 4Life accounts and under no circumstances shall Oticon be deemed responsible for the settlement of such accounts.


  • All members are deemed to have read and unconditionally accepted the General Terms and Conditions governing the Oticon Business Circle program.

  • Membership will be established in the practice name as provided on the membership application form.

  • Membership is activated once the member has achieved the base point of 1000 points.

  • When submitting any queries members must please make sure they provide their Business Circle membership number.

  • It is incumbent on the member to keep Oticon informed of their relevant membership details and contact details

  • Fraud, misrepresentation, abuse or violation of applicable rules is subject to appropriate administrative and or legal action by appropriate authorities and Oicon. In addition Oticon reserves the right to recover damages, including its attorney fees incurred in prosecuting any lawsuit

  • Oticon reserves the right to audit any accounts at any time and without notice to the member to ensure compliance with the Business Circle program rules and conditions. In the event that an audit reveals discrepancies or violations, awards, points accrual and summaries may be delayed until the matter is resolved satisfactorily

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