This section tells you what to consider when selecting a hearing aid - from the types and styles available to the communication needs and personal requirements of the individual.

Use the Product selector to choose one of the three categories. Read about the products or go to the download section to get a brochure, user instructions or technical specifications.



SYNCRO – because the benefit of hearing is understanding
If understanding speech in virtually any situation is your top priority, Syncro is the solution. Advanced systems and technologies controlled by Artificial Intelligence work together to keep you connected. More...

SAFRAN – for a richer, fuller sound picture
This unique solution intelligently enhances the sounds you want to hear, while reducing the ones you don’t. So listening feels natural and comfortable. More...

SUMO DM – a heavyweight in the SuperPower category
In the SuperPower category, Sumo is in a class of its own. Sophisticated digital sound processing technologies provide maximum power and audibility. More...

TEGO – So automatic, you don’t have to think about it
Tego takes care of everything, automatically. Digital processing keeps the sound quality clear and comfortable, and OpenEar Acoustics keeps your ears feeling nicely ventilated, so all you have to do is listen. More...

GO PRO – the affordable digital solution
If you live a quiet and relaxed lifestyle you’ll need a device that offers clear digital sound quality and total simplicity. And GO Pro offers both. More...

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