"For the first time ever, I can listen to music whenever I want to. Just like everyone else" Henriette Bredahl Christensen, Denmark

A 28-year-old librarian with 24 years of hearing aid experience, who sings in a choir, plays several instruments and enjoys an active social life.

"Now that all my incoming calls go through the sound transmitter, all I have to do is just pick it up and talk. Before, when my mobile phone rang, I had to take off my hearing aids, but now I just pick up the sound transmitter, start talking into it and the sound is directed right to them. Previously it wasn’t always easy to hear what people were saying over the mobile, but now I don’t have to concentrate nearly as much."

"mp3 players are very popular; many of my friends and my fiancé listen to music even when they’re just walking 500 metres up the road. I couldn’t do that unless I removed my instruments and put on a headset, but it just didn’t sound very good. With Epoq the music is sent directly to my hearing aids, so it’s as if I had a stereo right next to me. And that’s really nice. Now I feel just like anyone else sitting on a train listening to music, and it’s so wonderful to be part of that culture. Actually, the sound quality is even better than a stereo, because when the music is sent directly into your ears you don’t get distracted by any disturbing noises, so the sound is very clear."

"Now I’ve tried these hearing aids, I wouldn’t want to be without them. With them I can just get on the phone, and immediately be able to hear what is being said. And that’s amazing. It makes things far less stressful. In the past when someone called I worried that I wouldn’t be able to hear them. I would have to ask them to hang on while I took off the hearing aid so I could hear. It’s just so much easier to push a button."

"The fact that Epoq is hands-free is very important. I know that a lot of people walk about wearing headsets but I couldn’t really cope with the idea of having to take off my hearing aids and put one on. I have to admit that I’ve always been a bit jealous of how easily other people could do that. So for me it’s a big advantage that it’s hands-free."

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