ILS Enneagram Coach
5 week Webinar course

Use the ILS style Enneagram to understand your personality blueprint, to deeply understand your essential Apple Tree's design. 

The Enneagram is the most accurate, insightful and helpful personality system that I know. Not only does it help us to understand ourselves and each other, incredibly well. It also has a map built into it, for helping us to align with our natural designs, and grow from the lower expressions of our type, to the highest enlightened expressions of our type. 

First I recommend that you study the Enneagram. We teach the Enneagram foundation in 2 courses, ILS Empower Relate2Great and in ILS Empower Apple Tree & Enneagram

  • DURATION: 3 weeks, 3 classes (1 per week). 4 hour online interactive classes.
  • WHERE: Global Access Online. Attend our interactive, Webinar classes. Highly engaging and very convenient. You need a high speed Internet connection and a computer or device with video and audio capabilities.
  • CERTIFICATION: This course earns you an attendance certificate. 
  • TRAINER: Colleen-Joy or one of the ILS Enneagram Coach trainers. 
  • BOOKINGS: Email or contact Colleen-Joy's office (click to contact Colleen-Joy) to ask for more information.